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About The Show



Barry Williams

The 70s Music Celebration! starring Barry Williams is a show that you want to see. It has value, quality entertainment, talented musicians, a supercharged band, star power, comedy, and a dynamic production!

With Branson’s award-winning singers, dancers, and band members, you will journey through the decade of the 1970s, with Barry Williams as your host. Each member of the cast is featured along with more than 50 memorable songs that will have you singing and dancing along. Name an artist who was popular in the 70s, and chances are one of those songs is in this show, including Eagles, Elton John, Carole King, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, and John Denver, plus Donna Summers and the Bee Gees, and many more.From the comedy entertainment preshow, where you can win prizes, to the nonstop energized singers/dancers and Totally Awesome Band, until the last person leaves the autograph line, your whole family will feel good. This show, created and produced by Barry Williams, is especially selected to highlight the important music genres of the 70s decade. But it’s more than just songs.

IMG_7738-XLBarry Williams shares his singing, guitar playing, and memories of the grooviest decade—he was there and remembers it! This is also a trip down memory lane to remind you of the great inventions, events, and people of the 70s and discusses how the decade has impacted our lives today—great for family conversation. You know—what life was really like . . . before the cell phone!

Barry is both charming and endearing, as he guides you through the years. You’ll feel like you know him and have a new friend by the end of the show. He greets each guest after every performance, so be sure and stop by for an autograph or a photo with him. He also has available DVDs, CDs, books, posters, and one-of-a-kind “Barry Bears!”

Don’t miss the unique tribute to veterans and other important service workers. It’s not like any other acknowledgment that you’ve seen to honor the men, women, and families who are protecting and serving our country.

You’ll smile, laugh, sing, dance, and be young again throughout this two-hour extravaganza. Come share the joy, peace, and happiness with Barry Williams and the cast of the 70s Music Celebration!